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Video Mystery Shopping: REALTORS are our friends!

image of sold house 3d illustration

I was speaking with a builder client the other day and he mentioned that his sales people did not like to work with Realtors. He went so far as to say that his sales people NEVER communicated with Realtors and preferred dealing with only walk in traffic. WHAT???

In most markets the percentage of Realtor co-broke deals is well over 50%. So, if you are not working with your Realtor community you are in essence losing sales! New home sales associates need to look at Realtors as their friends! Cultivate these relationships! Last I checked….Realtors worked with buyers! Ready, able and willing buyers! Why wouldn’t you want a chance to showcase your community and product?

Here are a couple tips for you when it comes to building relationships with Realtors.

  1. Identify the top 10 Realtors in your market area. Who are the movers and shakers? These are the ones you want to get to know and develop a personal relationship with. You don’t need to know the entire Realtor community. Remember, 20% of Realtors do 80% of the sales.
  2. Cultivate personal relationships with your top 10. By this I mean take a personal interest in who they are and what they do. Don’t just try to ‘sell’ your community to them. Care about them as a person. Remember, people do business with those that they know, like and trust.
  3. Incorporate social media into the mix when marketing to Realtors. If they have a Facebook page, LIKE it. If they are on Linked In, LINK IN with them. 91% of Realtors use social media in some form to market themselves.
  4. Engage them. Think outside of the box and get creative. You could have a wine and cheese reception at your new model. Or, you could have a lunch & learn and invite your design center manager to come and give a presentation about design and decorating trends.
  5. Be where they are. Are you active in your local Realtor Association? How about the Women’s Council of Realtors or your Builder’s Association?
  6. Make them feel special and appreciated! Sometimes it is the little things that can make them feel appreciated. A hand written note, tickets to a sporting event or cultural happening, or maybe a gift card….all these things go a long way in making someone feel special!
  7. Develop their trust. In most cases, Realtors are apprehensive about working with New Home Builders because they fear they will lose control of their client. So, keep them in the loop when working with their clients. Ask them how they wish to be communicated with. Work together as a team to gain their trust.


Video Mystery Shopping Tip – Can you close better than a 5th grader? Become CURIOUS!

If you have ever been around a fifth grader, you know they have an insatiable curiosity for and about everything! I remember when my daughter Sarah was in the fifth grade, every sentence she ever uttered started out with the word WHY!

‘Why is the sky blue?’ ‘Why do bears hibernate? ‘Why can’t I have a new doll?’’ ‘Why do you have to work today?’ ‘Why do birds fly?’ Why does Aunt Sophie have whiskers?’

It was enough to drive me CRAZY! It seemed as though Sarah had a question for everything! And then, of course, if she didn’t get the answer she was hoping for, she would tackle me with another round of questioning.

Sarah: Mom, why do I have to go to bed at 8 pm?

Me: Because you are a fifth grader and you need your sleep.

Sarah: But I’m not tired, so WHY can’t I stay up will 9 pm?

Me: Because I’m the MOM, and I said so, that’s WHY!

In my speaking presentations, I frequently refer to Sarah as the ultimate closer! If she didn’t get the response (or answer) from me that she wanted, she didn’t get deterred! In fact, she became more determined! She wanted to know everything. It’s the childlike curiosity that most of us lose over time as we become adults.  I’m not sure if it is because we grow impatient, or perhaps we think we already have all the answers, but one thing I know….in new home sales being curious will help you close more deals!

Think about it, when a prospect walks into your sales office, you really know nothing about them except for their name. This is our opportunity to become a fifth grader all over again and ask them all sorts of questions! Rediscover your curiosity. Instead of immediately launching into your sales pitch when a prospect walks through the door, turn into a curious fifth grader and make it your goal to find out all you can about them, their reason for visiting, the style or type of home they desire, how they spend their time. This is your time to go on a fact-finding mission!

Use more in-depth questioning during your time with the prospect. Start your sentences by asking your prospects to ‘tell you more’ about themselves and to ‘share with you’ their wants and expectations in a builder, community, home site and floor plan. This is the critical information you need in order to properly match your prospect with your product! So remember to act like a fifth grader and be curious. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it never killed the new home sale!

Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Realtors And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – The Power of the Perfect Parternship.

Do you remember those old commercials for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Two people are walking along (one eating chocolate and the other eating peanut butter) when all of a sudden, they collide and the peanut butter and chocolate mix together and EUREKA, the best tasting candy bar in the world is born! All because of the successful partnership between the peanut butter and the chocolate!

Well, if you are wondering what this analogy has to do with new home sales people, let me tell you. YOU are the chocolate……and YOUR local Realtors are the peanut butter! Oftentimes as new home sales people, we forget what a valuable asset our realtors are to our business. Think about it.  How awesome is it when all of a sudden a realtor pops into your sales office and delivers  a QUALIFIED prospect that is ready to buy today! Voila! The magic of the successful partnership!

So, why is it that we new home sales people often forget to include realtors in our overall marketing plans? I believe it isn’t because we don’t want to; it is because we are not sure exactly HOW to do it. Here are five simple suggestions to help you build strong relationships with your area realtors!

  1. Visit the local offices – sponsor a breakfast, offer to do a presentation for the office, make yourself visible to the realtors! People do business with people they know, like and trust. Make yourself that person!
  2. Offer your community clubhouse, or design center as an option for a sales meeting. Or, hold a realtor open house. Try to get the realtors to come to the community, this way  they become familiar with you, your community and your homes, so it will be easier for them to offer them as an option to their clients.
  3. Get involved with your realtor association – Network with the realtors. Again, this would be a great opportunity for you to offer to give a presentation about your community to the group.
  4. Create a program to reward the realtors who are bringing you business! This could be as simple as giving a Starbucks gift card to every realtor who brings a prospect to your office. Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts.  
  5. Set a goal!  How many realtor offices will you visit this month? How many realtors will you take to lunch? Set a personal goal for yourself and write it down. And, when you do meet with the realtors, ask them how YOU can help make their job easier. 

Working with your realtors really makes both of your jobs easier. From the realtor’s perspective, once their client decides to purchase in your community, their job is basically done!

Remember, just like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, when two good things come together, the effect can be phenomenal!