They said WHAT??!! Behind the Scenes of 25,000 Undercover Video Mystery Shops

If you thought this was long (referring to the feature list), wait until you see the F……..ING contract!” (yes, he dropped the F- bomb).

 “I sometimes put a sign on the door that I’m out, but really I go to the mall shopping. You’re not one of those secret shoppers, are you?”

“Yeah, I’m running a little late and slow today. I got ripped last night on too many beers. I probably should not have even driven myself to work today.”’

“They said What??!!” 
Is different from any other book you’ve ever read about selling new homes because you’re going to learn how to do everything wrong. Yes, wrong! By stepping into the shoes of SA’s who were a total debacle and experiencing their mistakes, you’ll learn how to do your job far better and make your sales soar.
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Here’s what’s in store:
  • Good, bad, ugly, funny, and bizarre examples from 3 decades of undercover video mystery shopping
  • How to build instant rapport, stop talking so much, quit feature dumping,  end snoozer tours, and confidently ask for the sale
  • Things to make you stand out in the crowd
  • Checklists and exercises for Sales Managers to perk up sales meetings
  • Advice and tips to break your best sales record so far (and keep breaking it)

They Said THIS……….

“ The fascinating part about Melinda Brody’s Mystery Shopping horror stories is not just that they are true but also that they are commonplace. This book is a must read for any Sales Manager interested in developing an extraordinary sales team. “

Joe Catanzariti -Regional Sales Trainer/Lennar Corporation

“Sales agents and sales managers will enjoy this book, as I did.  Great tips on how to have a successful mystery shop and sell new homes using a sales process, plus entertaining  stories on what to do and what NOT to do!”

Mary Jane McNaught -Sales & Marketing Manager, Central Florida/ D.R. Horton, America’s Builder

“They Said What??!! is a fun and interesting read right from the start. The book encapsulates everything that could go wrong, and Melinda Brody turns that into instruction on what should go right. Enjoy the book, but more importantly USE the book.” 

Jeff Shore-Sales Trainer, Author & Speaker

Chapter 6 of “They said WHAT??!!” ….”I sometimes put a sign on the door that I’m out, but I really go to the mall shopping. You’re not one of those secret shoppers, are you? “. Melinda Brody I almost lost my sip of coffee right there . Sales people order this book today -it is a riot but honestly packed with great information on proper discovery and closes!

-Janet Backman, New Home Specialist-Southern Homes

” I read your book today, cover to cover. You have given the sales staff the material from which they can become great successes. To know is one thing, to know how to pass it along is a gift. You have it.”

Marilyn Whelan, Business Owner

“They Said What” is one of those rare books that entertains as it educates, using both bad and good examples of selling techniques to teach the reader how to be a better new home sales counselor. Having led sales teams from 50 reps to 450, I can honestly say Melinda’s book is a great read for builders of all size.”

Lee Darnold, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Sales-Orleans Homes

” I just read They Said What??!! and wanted to thank and congratulate you on a thoroughly informative, humorous and educational book, one of the finest I have read in my 30+ years in on-site sales!”

Perry Goldman, PhD, MIRM, CRS, SRES – Realtor, Sales Trainer, Author

“Shocking, funny and educational this book has it all! If you are a sale agents or new home sales manager “They Said What??!!” should be required reading. You will learn how to become a top producing agent from the good, bad and even the ugly examples in this book. I couldn’t put it down!”

Meredith Oliver, Internet Sales & Marketing Expert, Creating WOW Communications

“They Said What??!!  Is just what the sales manager ordered!  Not only does Melinda offer three decades worth of hard lessons learned through mystery shopping, she does so in an extremely entertaining and educational way. Read this book, apply Melinda’s principles, and sell more homes.  It couldn’t be easier.”

John A. Palumbo, Author of Selling at the Top, Middle, or Bottom of Any Market

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"Best shoppers I have seen…in my 25 years in the industry, this is the first time I have shopped and not one salesperson called me…..there was a great balance of being interested but letting the salesperson take the lead" Howard Darvin, DR Horton-Florida
"Melinda Brody and Company just shopped our entire team.... No one detected the shoppers,the scheduling was fast and easy and the quality of video superb. I highly recommend this firm" Becky Boucher, Beazer Homes
"You have the most user friendly reports I’ve seen..our last shopping company sent us a pile of DVD’s with no reports at all…" Chris O'Neal, Goodhall Homes-Nashville


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