“They Said What?”

Summit-glasses “Let’s take your car…mine has dog hair all over the seats”

“Oh, that must be the new school (looking out the model window)….people ask me about the teachers and the school and I just say “I don’t know”…..(shoulder shrug)

“I sometimes put a sign on the door that I’m out but really go to the mall shopping…you’re not one of those shoppers, are you (giggles)?”

This program will teach on site salespeople how to “ace” their shop, welcome the feedback to make critical improvements and watch the video shop with an open mind.

In addition, this program will address:

  • How top performers use video shop feedback to sell more homes
  • How to avoid the numerous mistakes we see low performers make!
  • How to get over feeling “nervous” if you “feel” you are being shopped on film.
  • “State of the Union” from shopper land. Stats on closing, follow up, selling the builder, etc.
  • Good, Bad and Ugly things we have seen that you won’t believe! Can’t make this stuff up!

Sales Meeting Topics

Hire Melinda to come to your next sales meeting and deliver a 30-60 minute session on the topic of your choice:


  • Setting and Achieving Sales Goals
  • Negotiation Tip for Today’s Buyer
  • Closing the Sale / Creating Urgency
  • Handling Difficult Objections
  • Building Instant Rapport
  • Discovery Questions
  • Listening Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing—Creating Endless Traffic
  • Turn Ring to Bling
  • Creative Follow Up
  • Benefit Selling Your Unique Brand
  • 10 Tips for a Terrific Tour
  • 10 Lessons Learned in over 25,000 Mystery Shops
  • Back in Black—Hometown Heroes in New Home Sales
  • Can you Sell Like a 5 Year Old
"Best shoppers I have seen…in my 25 years in the industry, this is the first time I have shopped and not one salesperson called me…..there was a great balance of being interested but letting the salesperson take the lead" Howard Darvin, DR Horton-Florida
"Melinda Brody and Company just shopped our entire team.... No one detected the shoppers,the scheduling was fast and easy and the quality of video superb. I highly recommend this firm" Becky Boucher, Beazer Homes
"You have the most user friendly reports I’ve seen..our last shopping company sent us a pile of DVD’s with no reports at all…" Chris O'Neal, Goodhall Homes-Nashville


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