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Thanks for a great coaching session! I took your advice …called the realtor …explained the urgency to get her client on-site to see our final home. She was there in an hour and we finalized the paperwork! More success to follow! I will continue to focus on my confidence and mastering my process.  – Dayna Sherwood, Benchmark Communities

“Coaching with Leah was a great experience that will benefit me in many ways moving forward. It helped hold me accountable to make changes and improvements in the way I manage my business. Leah kept it fun, fast paced and challenging.” – Tim Wilson, ICI Homes

I wanted to touch base to thank you again for your coaching. I felt it to be very helpful! When we spoke I had a goal to sell more homes per month and at the time we only had 8 homes to sell. Thanks to you and your coaching tips I sold 6 out of the 8 homes. I used more open ended questions and I wasn’t scared to address the customer’s concerns or objections.”– Holly Lick, Minto Homes

“…….I opted for the sales coaching to accompany the shops.  Wow!  What a difference that made.  After reviewing the shops with each sales agent, and adding my insight and tips, they began their sales coaching  with Leah Turner.  She covered many of the key points I did with my agents, but in a way that shed new light on their deficiencies.  I noticed an immediate improvement in our sales numbers.  In the first week after the initial coaching session, both sales agents closed 3 prospects they had been struggling with, using the tips and suggestions from Leah.  The following weeks have demonstrated a new track record.  I expect our closing ratios to increase substantially over time.  “ – Art Goldammer Red Door Homes Bismarck, ND

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you this morning. Not only did I get a couple of great coaching tips from you but it renewed my energy and reminded me of why I love this business. I went out today and did my best for my company and myself. Again, thank you for the coaching session and for listening to me with respect for my experience. It was an hour so very well spent, I am grateful. – Nick Petragnani, Orleans Homes

Wow!!!  Great report.  All the feedback I got from everybody was excellent.  You did a great job and you definitely know what you are doing.  Thank you, Leah!!!!  – Brian Fink, sales manager, Orleans Homes

"Best shoppers I have seen…in my 25 years in the industry, this is the first time I have shopped and not one salesperson called me…..there was a great balance of being interested but letting the salesperson take the lead" Howard Darvin, DR Horton-Florida
"Melinda Brody and Company just shopped our entire team.... No one detected the shoppers,the scheduling was fast and easy and the quality of video superb. I highly recommend this firm" Becky Boucher, Beazer Homes
"You have the most user friendly reports I’ve seen..our last shopping company sent us a pile of DVD’s with no reports at all…" Chris O'Neal, Goodhall Homes-Nashville


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