What Is Video Mystery Shopping Sales Coaching?

How would you like to increase your new home sales team’s productivity by 19%? According to a recent issue of Harvard Business Review, good sales coaching can improve productivity by at least 19%!

Melinda Brody and Company provides your team with coaching services to complement their video mystery shopping experience. This powerful training combination of video mystery shopping and one-on-one coaching will allow you to address specific individual issues with your sales team, who will improve their sales techniques and become top performers!

Our sales coach and trainer Leah Turner has worked with hundreds of new home sales associates across the country on how to improve their sales techniques and increase sales.
It’s time to take your sales team to the next level by providing them with a one-on-one coaching experience with our trained and certified coaches. Try our new

  • One-on-one Coaching session to review and discuss the Mystery Video Shop
  • Create a 30 day goal with an action plan to support it
  • Follow up coaching available on a monthly or quarterly basis

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship between a Coach and a client that accelerates the process of great performance. Our coaches help individuals identify their purpose and ways to live out that purpose. It is a journey of professional discovery and development, which results in actions that produce extraordinary results in the client’s career, relationship and life.

Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because the client and the Coach become a team that focuses on the client’s goals and needs to accomplish more than the client would alone. With a Coach, the client takes action, thinks bigger and gets the job done through the accountability the Coach provides.

What Do Clients Work On With Their Coaches?

  • Improving overall job performance
  • Mastering sales techniques
  • Making key decisions and designing strategies
  • Turning around a difficult situation
  • Achieving maximum work performance
  • Goal setting
  • Action plans

Sales Coaching Packages

Melinda Brody and Company offers several different coaching packages to meet your sales teams needs and objectives.

Package Options

  • Video Mystery Shopping/1 Follow-up Coaching Session
  • Video Mystery Shopping/4 Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Group Coaching Session with Sales Team
  • Sales Manager Coaching
  • General Sales Coaching – Individual one-on-one coaching sessions

I wanted to touch base to thank you again for your coaching. I felt it to be very helpful! When we spoke I had a goal to sell more homes per month and at the time we only had 8 homes to sell. Thanks to you and your coaching tips I sold 6 out of the 8 homes. I used more open ended questions and I wasn’t scared to address the customer’s concerns or objections.”– Holly Lick, Minto Homes

"Best shoppers I have seen…in my 25 years in the industry, this is the first time I have shopped and not one salesperson called me…..there was a great balance of being interested but letting the salesperson take the lead" Howard Darvin, DR Horton-Florida
"Melinda Brody and Company just shopped our entire team.... No one detected the shoppers,the scheduling was fast and easy and the quality of video superb. I highly recommend this firm" Becky Boucher, Beazer Homes
"You have the most user friendly reports I’ve seen..our last shopping company sent us a pile of DVD’s with no reports at all…" Chris O'Neal, Goodhall Homes-Nashville


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